pavel karous

Muži malují

Autor of stage play: Michal Pěchouček

Director: Michal Pěchouček / Jan Horák
Starring: Karel Dobrý, Jan Lepšík, Eva Hromníková
Music: Petr Kofroň
Sculpting: Pavel Karous

The situation at art colleges is grave and gets worse by the year.  People line up to become artists, whether they have talent or not.  Everyone wants to “create” but nobody wants to “work”.  The Academy of Arts, however, is not inflatable.  Nobody has signed up for sculpting and only one of the seventy would-be painters can be admitted for study.  Michal Pěchouček portrays a desperate father preparing his son for talent examinations in a studio with no heating…


premiere: 21th February 2009


International center of contemporary art





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